Jenny Hall

Paintings and Portraits

About The Artist

I'm an artist in the small town of New Albany, MS. My world grows larger when I pour my heart into painting in my little sun-filled studio.

I paint portraits, houses, landscapes, and every sort of thing with warmth and loving attention to detail.

My goal is to first live out my calling to God and my family, and second live out a love for my community and fellow man. I find that art weaves its way into all of those things beautifully.

What Customers Say...

"Jenny, I continue to marvel at your talent. It takes courage to be creative. Thankful that you are brave enough to share your God-given talent. What a blessing!"
- Cristy L.

"Jenny, you are amazingly talented! Just beautiful!"
- Lori G.

"Jenny, this is awesome!! God has blessed you with an amazing talent!"
- Trisha K.

"You are absolutely, amazingly gifted. Love your paintings!"
- Regina C.

"What a beautiful, sweet painting. Awesome job, Jenny!"
- Sandy K.

"Jenny!!!!!! Gorgeous!!!!!! You're the best! What a very special gift!"
- Leeann T.

"I am dead! So in love! Your talent is amazing!"
- Emily F.